Stop protecting nature!

Many think we need to protect nature.
Well, this is the view from a so-called intelligent being who believes to be superior having everything under control.
Imho the opposite is more likely though:
We don’t know a thing about life, the universe and everything – except for the answer to the famous question, which is 42 !
So the one thing we should protect very carefully is our own ecological niche.
Nature will survive and will exist far beyond the day when we have been wiped out – quite possibly as a result of our own actions.

Don’t get me wrong here: I’m NOT saying that we should carelessly destroy everything as nature will survive anyway.
What I’m saying is: The most important and indisputable reason and motivation for caring about our environment is our own survival and nothing like charity or mercy.
SO: If we want to survive, we do not have any other option as to start caring about our ecological niche.
It is all about protecting ourselfes – not about protecting nature!

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