I had the unique opportunity to accompany the very impressive theatre project on the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht. I was absolutely thrilled by the implementation of the subject, the dedicated and great acting performance, and absolutely professional organisation of the project happening in 4 different locations.

Especially in the light of the current political and social discussion of the topics of migration, integration, dealing with strangers, exclusion, hatred, as well as the presence of the voices on the far-right, the material made me very contemplative and affected. Unfortunately, more than ever this is a burning subject.
The great commitment of all the people involved in this event deserves absolute respect and I very much hope that the impact of the action will sustain in the 4 communities and beyond – not only in terms of the memories of the terrible deeds of that time, but in terms of concrete action today!

Here is the (translated) official press release and the poster:

The pogrom night (Kristallnacht) of the 9th to the 10th November 1938 was considered a declaration of war by the Nazis against the Germans with Jewish faith. A unique docu theatre of the former rabbinate communities Medinah OSchFaH (Ottensoos, Schnaittach, Forth and Hüttenbach) reenacts fates of this night of shame in these very places. Exclusion, brutality, looting, degradation and hatred dominate this night 80 years ago. The seven deadly sins will awaken. Who is acting today?

Date: 9. November 2018 from 4pm to 8pm
Idea/Script/Staging by Martina Switalski
Performers: Forthissimo, Theater Edelweiss Schnaittach, Chorgemeinschaft GVe Eintracht Hüttenbach/
Liederkranz Simmelsdorf, Freundeskreis ehemalige Synagoge Ottensoos e.V.
Music: Sheynhoven

The photographs:

And here are some impressions of the 4 different theatrical performances in the sequence of the program.
Each of the pieces had very concrete reference to individuals of the respective place and their own fate. Due to the different character of the four performances, a very intense effect unfolded with me, which will last for a long time to come.

  • The beginning was at the Evangelical Community Centre in Forth.
  • 2nd Station was Schnaittach.
  • We continue in Hüttenbach at the site of the former synagogue with a speech theatre, which also got very much under my skin.
  • Brilliant closure was then the play in the church in Ottensoos

(On the subject, I also do link my ‘mind pic” NEVER AGAIN !)

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