love locks
does this make sense to me? some thoughts …:

does our LOVE need a LOCK ?

our LOVE needs LIBERTY and FREEDOM !

LOVE becomes bigger and stronger when we SHARE it.

every day, every minute we once again OPEN UP to one another … and find our LOVE to be bigger and more intense than before …
because we allow it to grow with NO BOUNDARIES.

we don’t LOCK AWAY our emotions, we don’t LOCK UP anything.

our LOVE does not need a LOCK to be sheltered.

it just needs the both of us, our TRUST and FAITH.

we do not want to hide away our LOVE !

our LOVE has got WINGS to fly higher and higher …
so locking it up would hurt my heart and soul.

only in LIBERTY, FAITHFULNESS and TRUST are of true value.

so let’s share and grow our LOVE further …
it is an endless resource …

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