reflective in front of a prison cell in the concentration camp Dachau

 Dachau, 1st June 2014

Well – being a German post-war child, I do know many things about our history and quite intensively went through lots of private thoughts about what happened before the war that made these unbelieveable acts of inhumanity and insanity possible. I always have been certain that this had not been a product of just a few maniacs, but the result of far too many people staying passive when it was time to stand up and shout “NO!!! STOP IT!”

Now today, I’ve visited the concentration camp memorial in Dachau. Although I didn’t get any really “new” information about the whole story, I am still overwhelmed by the emotions … moving back and forth from bewilderment and consternation to anger and deep sadness. I had not expected this visit to hit that deep …
There is one thing, however, that in all the negative context, does stand out for me as a sign of hope: So many people of any age from all over the world (and including Germany, too!) come here and visit that shocking memorial. And all of them have this expression on their faces when they slowly walk around at this place. May they carry away and pass on a very clear message. And should need arise again in the future in our country, I hope that enough people shall stand up and fight for humanity, tolerance and peace without asking questions or hiding away so they later can claim they didn’t know anything …

The photo shows the prison cell of a priest that had been arrested by the Nazis. With a small altar built into a suitcase (“Koffer-Altar”) he sometimes had been allowed to pray with other prisoners (one at a time).
The glas separation gave some reflections feeding even more thoughts …

I wish all of you a peaceful week !

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