There are photographs that trigger thoughts – I call these ‘mind pix’.
Sometimes it is only a more or less funny title.
Sometimes it is a whole story or a little bit of “philosophy”.

Occasionally it is the other way around: Thoughts turn into images.
When this happens, I get up and try to digitize the mental cinema as good as I can.

So here are a few samples of these kind of photographs.

our LOVE – LOCKED away !?love locks

thougths about the romantic (?) habit to place locks everywhere as a sign of love …


stop protecting nature!stop protecting nature!
a story about life, the environment and everything … and is in deed “42” the correct answer ? 🙂



reflective in front of a prison cell in the concentration camp Dachau an imprisoned priest did pray in this cell with other prisonersNEVER AGAIN !!!

Impressions from a visit to the Dachau concentration camp memorial


you had to go - but memories remain ...

a glimpse … like a memory …

a volatile moment – triggering memories