There are things and situations, which I just HAVE TO take pictures of.
Some of these pictures I then like so much, that I jangle your nerves by posting the stuff here on my page.

But what is it actually that excites me so much???

First of all there’s just the “pure pleasure of vision”.

Interesting graphical motifs,
the play of light and shadow,
structures, colours and shapes,
but also landscape and abstract motifs

… usually such stuff falls into the category of “Fine Art”

want some examples?   …  there you go …


Next there are the images that trigger thoughts.

Sometimes I can’t help and must write down these thoughts.
Often however I keep them for myself hoping somehow,
that other people while looking at the photo
will stumble upon their own thoughts and memories.

I put these images in a section called “mind pix”.

… a few of those :


And finally there is the whole rest.

Memories, events, animals, people and street life, sports and so on. Some of these photos I like so much that I show them on my blog. Although I don’t put the same enthusiasm in these, I might add them to one of the topic pages. You’ll find these in the menue …

As a result of these thoughts, I have added a new page “Fine Art”.
This has been a gap somehow and the respective pictures got lost in the shuffle over time.
Let’s see how this will unfold in the future.

Enough blah for today … have fun rummaging in my pics …




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