It all started with a cabbage turnip on a sunny day in our kitchen …

little tree on the hill

… having spotted this beautiful little leaf in the sunshine …
… how could I chop this creature – just for a meal?

At the least I had to take a photograph beforehand 🙂

When I finished the shoot (a few very short hours later), the meal had long been done.
Without the cabbage of course.

So it sat there on the kitchen board – waiting for better times …
… enjoying life.
And boy, it enjoyed it so much that this little leaf did grow and grow …
… and even more leaves came out, growing bigger and bigger …

For a month or two this went on and I started to think cabbages must have
endless power and live forever even with no water, no roots nor soil …

But when three months had gone past, the inevitable happened
and slowly but steadily the turnip started shrinking – drying out.
It got hard like a brick, it didn’t smell at all, became light like a feather …
… ready to fly to new horizons …


oh noooo - we've exhausted our planet!!
oh noooo – we’ve exhausted our planet!!

What we can learn from this?

For quite a while living on a little planet, resources may well appear to be endless.
Sooner rather than later though, one will find out that
growth is limited and life in deed has an end.


Since the day this cabbage did strike me, I keep finding (and shooting) stuff in the kitchen … be invited and have a look:

Should you think something is leekin’ here, it stinks or this would be rather cool …
… feel free to shoot me a comment …
… or just smile, shake your head and have some fresh fruit instead 🙂


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