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Being a bloody amateur, I keep shooting stuff randomly. Spontaneous visual impressions and thoughts are my guides. It may happen that when visiting the zoo, I won’t shoot animals like everyone else, but people, flowers, stones or trash bins instead. Once in a blue moon though I might head off with a clear plan in mind and take this one specific photograph. So there will always be a wild mix of about everything on these pages.
For a reasonably structured tour, I arrange my little image world in various categories and present them on separate pages.

Equipment and technology for sure is a necessary part of this fascinating hobby. So in deed I engage in the entire chain from the light through the lense and the camera to the RAW file and its processing and editing to get to the resulting image. Nevertheless, the equipment and technology is only the tool that helps creating the image. And as my camera is way more capable than I am, listing of all the stuff is fairly pointless 🙂
This leaves my pretty old brain (hopefully still working more or less) as the weakest thus one of the most important links in the chain.

Well – let’s better return to the images now … these are for sure more interesting than more words about myself …

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